Class Descriptions

What should you expect?

• We usually begin with a centering practice (sitting or lying down). We then warm up, practice asanas (postures) and pranayama (breath work), cool down, and end with shavasana (final relaxation).

• Sometimes we have an opening and/or closing chant (such as “Om”) and sometimes we don’t.

• We incorporate yoga philosophy but we do not incorporate any type of religious philosophy.

• Classes can range in size between 2 and 20 people but we always have space for everyone.

• We practice barefoot on yoga (sticky) mats. If you don’t own one we have loaner mats you can use and clean afterwards. Exercise mats are not a suitable substitute for a yoga mat.

• Yoga postures release toxins in the body so drink water after class. You already drink lots of water? Drink more!

• All of us teaching at Body Balance are well-trained and we are adept at offering variations for poses and helping you find your potential. If you respect yourself, your limitations, and your inner guide, you should never injure yourself. Remember, your practice begins right where you are! There’s no pressure to “achieve” in our studio. Simply to practice breathing and trying to remain present.

General Suggestions:

• For your first visit, please arrive 15 minutes early to fill out a brief release form.

• Avoid eating or drinking for 1–2 hours before class.

• Wear loose, comfortable, layered clothing.

• It is extremely important that the instructor knows of any injuries or issues you may be experiencing.

• First class wasn’t what you expected? Give it a few tries before judging.

Please do not wear scented products to class as many people are sensitive.


Class Styles:

Gentle Yoga

This class focuses on modified and restorative poses, breath work, and relaxation techniques. Students learn how to draw attention inward to the breath and to the body. This is a great place to start if you are new to yoga, have been inactive for some time, or just want a gentle way to increase your flexibility, strength, and balance.


Restorative Yoga

Think of Gentle Yoga, but with lots of props and most of the postures practiced on the floor. Delicious treat for your precious being!


All-levels Yoga

This class follows a Hatha Yoga-style tradition that is more than 5,000 years old. This is the most common and approachable style of yoga in the west. A regular practice of classical yoga poses with awareness and breath work increases energy, strength, flexibility, and balance. Each class is varied and we strive to customize the classes to what the attending students are in need of improving or addressing. These classes balance all the categories of asanas (poses): standing, balancing, abdominal strengthening, forward and backward bends, twists, inversions, and include a period of final relaxation. Sometimes you will sweat and sometimes you won’t–but you will feel rejuvenated AND relaxed when you leave.


Hatha Flow Yoga

This class is a beautiful marriage between flowing movement and making space to pause. Sometimes there’s more flow; sometimes there’s more space! It can be energetic or not. Depends on the energy of all those present and what Carmen has planned…. It’s a treat. Come and experience this journey if you haven’t already!


Community Classes are on hiatus for summer

This approach is a donation-based class. This does not mean that the class is free, but rather that you pay what you can.

– Fridays: Hatha Happy Hour

This donation-based class is an alignment-focused class for all levels of practice, with an energizing and active sequence of backbends and hip openers.

– Sunday: Move Into Stillness

Also a donation-based class, this is a relaxing and restorative class, reducing tension in the body and mind. Allow your central nervous system to let go for a while. Allow yourself to give YOU this gift of love and compassion. And allow yourself to instead of “doing” just “be!”



Yoga for a Healthy Back Workshop Series; Next session coming soon. Fee of $65.

Andrea Campos Smith is offering this 6-week exploration/workshop. She will guide you in the practice of asanas (poses) to strengthen abdominal muscles and stretch tight hamstrings and hip flexors. She will also show you how to release muscle tension that may contribute to or lead to back pain. And lastly, you will learn to gently explore posture and movement habits that affect the function of your spine. Her first series has ended but she is planning to begin again with series I for new students and to offer series II for continuing students.


Lunchtime class: HIIT/Yoga; Wednesdays, 12:05 – 12:50.

It’s finally here!!! Andrea is leading this 45-minute lunchtime class for the working yogis! In 45 minutes you will practice High Intensity but low impact Interval Training  (HIIT) with proven metabolic ROI and still have time for the stretch and relaxation of yoga that you know you need! This class is included in any package that you purchase or is available on a drop in basis. Andrea leaves the door unlocked in case you need an extra 5 minutes to get out of work AND she sets out mats/props so you can roll in and slide out!


Essential Yoga Program Workshop; Take yoga to the next level with Terrie King.

Terrie will be offering another workshop on the 2nd Saturday of each month, from 1-3pm. The concept is to combine yoga & essential oils for a complete practice. Each month has a different focus. The selection of oils and the order in which they are used is designed to move stagnant energy, detoxify the body, calm the mind, relax the body, and restore equilibrium. Terrie is a certified and experienced yoga instructor as well as a doTERRA essential oils representative. The cost is $20 prepay or $25 day of. This workshop is appropriate for all levels. Register at or 541.496.0376. We are hoping to continue these workshops on the 2nd Saturday of each month. And in April Sam  will be assisting Terrie by leading the asana (posture) portion of this workshop. Doesn’t get better than that!


Free Yoga at Stewart Park (July & August 2018, 10–11 am)

Free Yoga at Stewart Park is sponsored by Roseburg Parks and Recreation Department and has been offered since 2012.Since its inception, Body Balance has been the partner that P&R has worked with. This year we are happy to share that Summer is going to run/coordinate the free yoga in the park program.

Bring a yoga mat or a picnic blanket. Some shade is available but wear your sunscreen. It is taught by a variety of instructors, so expect a variety of styles. Suitable for all levels. Cancelled if raining. PLEASE arrive a few minutes early to sign in and get settled. Thank you.


Yoga Basics (on hiatus)

This class focuses on going deeper into the fundamentals and details of asanas(postures) and pranayama (breathing practice). It begins with time spent on breathing and centering practices and will be followed by a specific focus. Some examples of the class themes may include the action of the body (i.e. internally rotating the hips or shoulders) or specific asana groups (i.e. back bends or hip openers). This class is ideal for beginning students who are just finding their way as well as experienced students who want to refine and deepen their practice.


Guided Meditation (also on hiatus)

This session offers us an opportunity to explore different types of meditation. We sometimes begin with a simple pranayama practice (breathing practice), or some simple asana (posture) stretches. The meditation leader introduces a theme or a focus as needed and then we sit in silence for 20-25 minutes. It is appropriate for beginners as well as experienced practitioners. If you would enjoy leading a session and sharing your technique please contact us.